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Annual Membership Meeting 2023

Join us for the 84th Annual Membership Meeting!

The annual meeting will be held virtually on Tuesday, March 14, 2023 at 6:00pm. Kohler Credit Union members are encouraged to attend and see what the future holds. Attendees will be entered in a drawing to win gift cards.

Zoom Webinar will be used for the virtual event. We encourage members to submit questions ahead of time to be answered during the meeting. Members can also call in to listen to the audio of the meeting but will be unable to ask questions. If you plan on calling in, please submit your questions when you register for the event.  

Attendees that register using a valid email will receive the agenda as well as other meeting materials the day before the event takes place.

Please register to attend by Friday, February 24, 2023.

Board of Directors Election

The election process will be conducted through online voting. Although online voting will be the primary method, paper ballots will be available to those that request them. If you would like a paper ballot, please call 920.783.2506.

Our online ballot will become available on February 3 or the date the slate of candidates is finalized, whichever is earlier. You will be able to access the ballot through a link on our website, kohlercu.com. Your member number will be your “User ID” and the last four digits of your Social Security number will be your “Password.”

Election of Directors. Each year the terms of three directors expire. This year, we also have the remaining term of a retiring board member. The top three vote winners will fill the three, full-term seats, and the fourth vote winner will fill the seat vacated by the retiring board member. Efforts by the Nominating Committee to solicit interest in becoming a director have resulted in these candidate nominees for 2023:

  • Steve Gerner (incumbent)
  • Brian Post (incumbent)
  • Todd Ullman (incumbent)
  • Kim DeSombre-Long (incumbent)
  • Chad Hamilton
  • Sandra Mack 
  • Daniel Welytok