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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I set up alerts to notify me about account activity?

You can establish text or e-mail alerts to notify you of deposits, help you avoid a low or negative account balance, monitor unusual account activity, or help you keep track of spending.

Follow these simple steps to set up an alert in digital banking

  1. Sign into Kohler Credit Union’s digital banking. Not enrolled in digital banking yet? Click here to enroll today!

  2. Once signed in, select the menu button in the upper left-hand corner and choose “Settings” from the dropdown and then select “Alerts.”

  3. Select “New Alert” and the alert type.
    • Account alert: The ability to be alerted of your balance being more than, less than or an exact dollar amount.
    • History alert: The ability to be alerted about a withdrawal, deposit, check number, or transaction description.
    • Online transaction alert: The ability to be alerted when a check reorder, funds transfer or stop payment is authorized, cancelled, failed, or processed.
    • Reminder: The ability to be alerted on a yearly basis about specific events (Ex: birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, calls, appointments, vacations, etc.)
  4. Complete the form by filling in the transaction type, amount, the account in reference, and how you would like to receive the alert.

  5. Select the blue “Create Alert” button to finalize the process.

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